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How To Afford Luxury

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I've been asked a lot of times - " How can you afford luxury ? " Well, let me break it down for you. Honestly, I could not afford all the luxury in the world. I don't own everything luxury but most of my designer items were bought using my own money. None of the items were gifts from people in my circle. 

To be fair, luxury is a very subjective word. Luxury can be anything. It could be you breathing oxygen, it could be you having the freedom to drive a car, it could be you having a chance on going to Paris for once - luxury is subjective

Before I go any further, I want you guys to know that I am in no position to say that you have to buy designer items or any such things in the same category. 

As for this post, the luxury I'm going to crack down for you is luxury clothing. 

Build Your Designer Item Goals

Since I started blogging, I have always put goals in my mind on what to buy in general. I apply the same technique if I have something from designer pieces in my mind. For instance, last year, I have put a goal to purchase the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker (here) and by December, I managed to cop it. 

Always put a goal on what you want to buy in that year. When you have put your goal, you will eventually strive to achieve that goal. When I aim to purchase the McQueen sneakers, I've decided to work during my semester break and using my salary to buy it. I even saved some of my pocket money and put it towards the sneaker.

Scout in Sale Section

Generally, this tip applies to any kinds of shopping. In buying designer items, always scout in the sales section be it in store or in any e-commerce websites. You might not know what you're going to find in the sale section.

It is good for you to scout in the sale section since it has been discounted for a certain percentage. You might find a white sneakers that you've been eyeing for in the sale section for half of the original price, who knows? One tip, never put any expectation while scouting in the sale section - else, you're going to disappoint yourself.

Planning Your Savings

I've tried this tip and it worked perfectly. For a person like me, I don't like keeping my money in a bank account, don't ask me why, I don't know either. Probably because I love holding to tangible items. Back to the topic, last year, I saved up as much as I could and I manage to buy a Dior Homme sunglasses from a consignment shop. 

Another tip is to set aside a bank account and whenever you have leftover cash, keep the cash in the bank account. As months pass by, the value in your bank account will increase as more cash are accumulated in it - finally I'm applying my accounting basics into my blog.

Since currencies are different across the board, I'll write how much do I usually save in Malaysian Ringgit. Basically, I applied this saving method whereby each time I get a RM5 change from paying my foods or paying anything in general, I'll keep the RM5 note aside and accumulate as much as possible. Once a week, I keep a RM20 note aside. If I have a lot of leftover cash by the end of the week, I'll keep either my RM10 note or my RM50 note. This is a good method to help you save a lot. 

Purchase Preloved Item

Yes, I do purchase some preloved items. When browsing through GrailedVestiaire CollectiveDepop, & other apps, you have to always be cautious with the items you're seeing. My tips on purchasing preloved item is to always check for it's authenticity. Other than that, bear in mind that pictures can be deceiving so always ask for more pictures from the seller. Make sure that it meets the quality that you're looking for before purchasing.

I bought my Dior Homme sunnies (here) from a preloved market and it has been one of my favourite sunglasses ever.

Planning Your Designer Purchase

Always plan on what you want to buy. For instance, right now, I need a new pair of white leather sneakers so I browse around Mr Porter, Farfetch, Luisa Via Roma, Ssense and also Grailed because who might know that I'd score a cheaper sneakers compared to retail, am I right? When I browse around these websites, I have accumulated a handful amount of white sneakers that I might purchase. I calculated how much each sneakers cost and I take its design into account. Is it appropriate to wear into a formal event? Is it fully leather ? Do I like the design ? 

After that, I have decided and aim to purchase a particular sneaker so that's when I started saving my money - or sometimes I work during my semester break to purchase it

I have also created a list which I write down all the things I need to purchase in sequence. For instance, my main priority right now is a pair of white sneakers. The next thing on the list is a good coated canvas or leather wallet and after that would be a good leather backpack and the list goes on and on. I created this list in accordance to my priorities in my life. 


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