Friday, 21 April 2017

How I Edit My Blog & Instagram Photos

Recently, I've been getting a lot of questions on how I edit my photos on Instagram. Before I tell you my holy grail apps that I use to edit, I just wanna let you know that it took me a lot of trial and errors on editing pictures to get the aesthetic that I currently have in my Instagram.

Before we go further, the important thing is how and what I use to take my pictures with. Most of my pictures were taken using my DSLR camera. Mine is Nikon D5100 + 50mm f/1.8G lens. That's how I get most of the "bokeh" effect on my pictures - also known as the blurry background. I have to admit that not all of my pictures have the bokeh effect but using the 50mm lens with a big aperture have helped me on getting the desirable pictures.

If I'm not using my DSLR camera, I'll take my pictures using my iPhone 5S camera. Most of the pictures that I take using my phone would be flatlay pictures.

Once I have all the photos that I need, I'll transfer the photos into my laptop. Here goes the first step.

Adobe Lightroom

I import my pictures from the designated folder into my Adobe Lightroom. Using Lightroom, I apply the 'Lens Correction' filter to filter out any vignette. Note that you have to search on your own for the filters since Adobe only provides the basic filters. 

Here's the next steps :

1. I increase the exposure of the picture if it's too dark. Most of the pictures taken will be underexposed - which is better than it being overexposed

2. Tweak the Contrast, Temperature, White, Black Shadows. Each settings varies on different pictures. 

3. I increase Colour Saturation for Red & Orange while I decrease all other unnecessary colours that I don't want it to pop out in my pictures. The colours are Green, Blue, Magenta, Violet Aqua.

4. Repeat step 1-3 on each pictures.

After I have finish editing all the necessary pictures, I'll synchronize the pictures that I want into my iPhone. Here comes the next app.


Facetune is another holy grail apps that I use to edit my pictures before I upload it on Instagram. Do note that you have to purchase this app before downloading it in Appstore.

Here are the steps :

1. Use the Whiten settings to whiten my background. This will cancel out any blue or yellow hues on the picture. 

2. I go the Filter setting and choose BW Silver. After tapping, the pictures will immediately turn to black & white. I go to Wipe and wipe out my skin to it's original colour. If I'm wearing any other coloured clothes, I will wipe it out too. 

3. The end result would be my in colours while my background is in Black & White.

To sum things up, my editing process are quite simple and straight forward. Contrary to popular belief, not all blogger uses VSCO cam's filter on their pictures. Throughout my uploads in Instagram, I have received a lot of compliments on my editing which many thought that I use VSCO cam filters.


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