Friday, 14 April 2017 Ipoh , Malaysia

J'aime Ranger Rouge

The title literally translates to 'I Love Red Ranger'

I have to be honest, I am a huge Power Ranger fan since I was a kid. I remembered tuning in to TV2 in the Saturday evening just to watch Power Rangers for every single week. I have always been a fan of the Red ranger, no matter which version of the power rangers, Red is my favourite. 

I happen to purchase a movie ticket over the weekend to watch the Power Rangers movie - alone, I know, I am sad too - and I have decided to wear my favourite Red plaid shirt just to be all matchy matchy with the power rangers theme. 

To make everything feels casual, I wore my black skinny jeans which I cut it into a pair of shorts - I don't own any shorts + I'm lazy to purchase one. I know Black is the easiest colour to match with Red so I wore my black t-shirt underneath my plaid shirt and tucked it into my jeans to make it more interesting. 

Let's be honest, my McQueen sneaker is my favourite sneaker of all time so it is not Eyman if I go out without wearing it. To keep my outfit monochromatic, I wore my red-burgundy-ish socks.

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