Sunday, 28 May 2017 Ipoh , Malaysia

Cool For The Summer

Song of The Day - Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato

Summer is here - well at least it's summer all year long in Malaysia. What do you have in plan for summer ? Internships ? Summer jobs ? Holidays by the beach ? Well, do whatever you want but put a little twist in it - do it in style.
Summer is all about the bold prints with bold colours. It doesn't have to be printed flowers - or in my case, printed parrots. You can simply just wear any bold prints and get away with it easily. Why ? Durh, it's summer

I know, you'd say that I wear prints most of the time but no, there are different kinds of prints - bold, floral, animals and boho just to name some. This time, I've decided to wear a very bold colour that I rarely wear - RED

Red is definitely one of my favourite colours because I can easily incorporate red with everything in my wardrobe but not this time. Currently, the red that I chose is a very bright-yet-saturated red. 

This colour represents boldness and confidence. I mean, for a big guy like me, who would've thought I'd wear a bright red, am I right? 

I have been seeing a lot of cool printed shirts in the fast-fashion stores but none of them really connects with me. I don't wanna spend hundreds upon hundreds of cash on a printed designer shirt - that's because summer prints are a seasonal clothing patterns - so I decided to hunt for a cool printed shirts in the thrift/vintage shop in my town.

I have encountered a lot of cool printed shirts countless of times but this one in particular is different. This time I have decided to incorporate skinny jeans with a pair of suede jodphur boots. 

To spice up my outfits, I wore different accessories which consists of faux aviator glasses along with my collection of rings. 

I know, what's the point of talking about printed shirts without giving any suggestions, right ? Well, here are the printed shirts that I think looks really Cool for The Summer - get it ? *smirks*

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  1. Whenever it comes to summer, i can wait to put on tropical shirts <3

    xoxo, Cool style for men



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