Thursday, 31 August 2017

Bomber Ensemble

August was a hectic month. The amount of work I had through out the month was uncountable. My off day was the only day that I have to shoot an outfit. Honestly, I feel old because I'd rather spend my day off at home than going out - I think I'm too old for going out.

Since last week, I had to take Instagram off of my phone because I want to have the Instagram detox. I feel like whenever I post something on Instagram, I'm too consumed by the amount of engagements. So I had to uninstall Instagram so that I can live in the moment - I think I'll write a whole blog post on how Instagram Detox has benefited me.

Oh yeah, about this outfit, I was inspired by the one of the outfit I saw on Lookbook in which the guy only wears his bomber without any shirt on so I decided to do the same. I love my Padini jeans so much because it is so comfortable with an affordable price so I wore it with the bomber. 

As usual, I'm still obsessed with my Jodphur boots that I decided to wear it again for this outfit. To finish off this outfit, I wore some rings - actually those are the rings that I have in my collection - to polish the look even more. 

I am literally writing this just minutes before I went off to work so talk to you guys again.

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  1. Bomber and ankle boots, you can't go wrong with this combo

    - Best men's style guide



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