Saturday, 30 September 2017

A Mix of Everything

The past few months has been challenging for me. I have realised that when I'm having my semester break, I feel so lost; probably because I have always stick to the same routine again and again for every single day throughout the whole semester. I have always have this routine in which I'll sometimes go back home during the weekend and shoot some outfits for my blog and I have always anticipated to shoot more outfits during my semester break but that wasn't the case. 

I noticed that for the past few months, I have been posting just one blogpost each month - this blog post was intended for September but I kinda missed the deadline. I bet that you must be wondering why have I been posting less on my blog. 

Was it because I'm stuck in a creative rut ? 

Was it because I ran out of outfits to shoot ? 
No, I do upload pictures of my outfits to my Instagram every now and then. 

So what's the reason behind all of this ?

Well, dealing my personal issues have made me realise that I have to take a step back and remind myself of what I truly enjoy doing and what I wish to change in the future. No, I'm not saying that I'm not enjoying blogging, that's far from the truth. I took myself a time off because I just want to live and appreciate small things such as moments. Hence, I took a few weeks off from Instagram and blogging. 

I did try to write more for my blog but most of my time were taken by doing part time jobs and spending time with my sister during my semester break. I don't wanna just spend time with my sister doing photoshoots and all, sometimes I just wanna talk to her about everything since she's the only sister I have in the world - in case if you don't know , my sister took about 75% of my outfit pictures for both Instagram and blog.

So what now ? 

Well, I just entered my last semester of Diploma so I hope that I can ace my last 4 subjects and just end this. 

What about blogging ? 

To be honest, I am hesitating. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hesitating whether to continue or to stop blogging, that's not the case. I am just hesitating on the creative direction of this blog. I don't know whether I should continue writing on tips and tricks for fashion or just write about my life while still showcasing my outfit. Just a quick question, even if I changed the direction of this blog, you'd still read it, will you ?

A few months back, I watched a video of Aimee Song - one of my favourite fashion blogger - when she was at the Paris Fashion Week in which she talked about her emotional struggles that she went through and I relate to her a lot. Not everyone who's going through an emotional struggles can just talk about it in public, I mean, it's your emotion, the one part in you that's stripped and vulnerable.

If you'd ask anyone that knows me, I am a very quiet person but I'm loud with the people who knows me well. I don't talk about my emotions to other people. To me, talking about how I'm feeling makes me feel vulnerable or naked in a way. I don't really trust people and not everyone knows what I'm going through. I remembered I once talked to my girlfriend about my emotional struggle and my eyes started to burst into tears. That's the part I dislike the most, the part where all your emotions clouds into one and you feel helpless and the only way for you to calm yourself down is to cry. It's never wrong to cry, though.

I guess I've written a lot about my personal life so let's just talk about the outfit I'm wearing in this post.

Currently, I'm inspired by the streetwear scene and also the high fashion scene so I derive my inspirations for the outfits from both worlds. I tried not to look like a total hypebeast because I'm not into it but I still manage to pull off the flannel which I'm in love with. I have always love a shadow flannel because it's not your typical flannel.

Can you believe that the red flannel I'm wearing were from Uniqlo ? Believe me, if I see someone else wearing this flannel, I would've thought it's from Saint Laurent. 

I am trying to pull myself away from wearing plain black tee so I wore a black short-sleeve hoodie - not that you can see the sleeves. I got this from Forever 21 a long time ago and decided to take it out from the closet.

Enough about the tops, the bleached jeans I'm wearing were from Zara. What's funny is that the day before this OOTD, I wore this jeans and someone mistakenly thought it's from Saint Laurent. I was like ' no, I got it from Zara ' .

To tie the outfit, I wore a Wyatt Boots from you-know-which-brand and I accessorise myself with my rings and I wore chains over my belt loops to make the outfit more interesting.

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