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How To Experiment with Your Personal Style

Photos by Emil Abidin Emla

After a long hiatus - which involves a lot of exams, assignments and presentations for my final semester - I am finally back on track. How are you guys holding up ? I'm fine as of right now. Is it too late to wish you guys a happy new year ? I guess not.

While I was preparing for my final exams, a lot of inspiration comes in mind and one of them is educating you guys on how you can experiment with your personal style. That's what I'm gonna talk about in this article. 

First of all, each one of us has our own personal style. Some love to wear an all black outfit - yes, all black outfit will never die, EVER - while some love to wear clothing article that's gonna make a statement on their outfit. Personal style varies to each individual and it makes you, YOU. 

I'm not gonna lie, at times, I do feel tired wearing the same style every single week - wearing it when I'm out of course - so it is good to experiment with my personal style every now and then. Experimenting with our personal style will broaden our views on a certain items that we previously tend to run away from. 

Today, I'm gonna give you some tips & tricks on how you'd experiment with your personal style.

Picking up trends that you gravitated towards

There are a lot of trends in the fashion industry as of today. Some of the trends includes checkered blazer, carrot fit trousers, silver chains on the trousers, shoe laces as your belt and the list goes on and on. What you're gonna do is find your inspiration through social media apps and pick it up. 

For instance, I'm experimenting with wearing blazer and straight-leg trousers while still incorporating with my usual clothes - my hoodie of course!

If you see something that you're attracted to, try and find something similar in the high street stores and use it as an experiment for your personal style.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

One of the best ways for you to experiment is by going to the thrift shops. Enter the nearest thrift shop in your area and try to look for items that you might like. It can be band t-shirts, flight bag or maybe an old bomber jacket, just try it on and see whether you like it or not. If you like it, chances are that that would be a new item that would elevate your personal style.

In my case, I went on a hunt for a blazer at my local thrift shops but luck was not at my side, I didn't get anything that I like but while I was there, I manage to try on some other stuffs that I'd usually steer away from. 

It's there but you're too blinded to see it

It's a lie if you have no old boxes that contains a lot of your old clothes. To experiment with your personal style, you can always rummage through your old clothes. Sometimes the older stuffs that you've kept away are the items that will elevate your personal style. It's always good to go through your older stuffs, not only you'll experiment with your personal style using your old clothes, you might also find your old trustee leather jacket that you've forgotten about.

Clothes has no gender

This is a tip that I've picked up from watching a lot of Youtube videos. Somehow, it is a taboo for some people to wear clothes from their opposite gender. There's nothing wrong with wearing items that are from the opposite gender.

You can always go to the Women's Section - if you're men, durh! - and just go through the aisle, sometimes you might find items that you like and it fits your perfectly. Some of the menswear content creator whom I followed on Instagram do wear women's clothes and they look good in it. As a matter of fact, I've once wore a women's clothes and received  lot of compliments for it.

After all, clothes are clothes.

Slowly but surely

Never rush yourself to experiment with your personal style because that'll just eventually tear you down. Take it easy. If you feel like it is hard for you to find items that you'd love to experiment, chances are that you're rushing it too much. 

When you rush into experimenting, you'll be affecting your mental health and that's not good at all. Take it easy, start slowly because eventually you'll branch out with your style and it'll not only expand your closet, it'll also will expand your views on your own style.


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