Tuesday, 27 February 2018

I Don't Have a Big Wardrobe

Photos by Ayna Balqis

I have gotten a lot of people saying that they'd wish to have my wardrobe & to be pretty honest, I don't even know why some people would want my wardrobe. Well, I think my wardrobe are pretty small. That is mainly because I curate the clothes that I want and only buy clothes that I know I need and I'll wear it without thinking too much.

In this article, I will break down to you on how I manage to curate the pieces that I know I will wear on a daily basis. 

Scout all the retail stores

Every season, there will always be a trend that I'd love to try out and sometimes for me it sucks to acknowledge the fact that I can't afford the designer pieces and that's not a bad thing. What I always do is to save the pictures of the specific pieces that I saw on the runway and use the pictures as a guide to scout in retail.

When I look for an item, it doesn't have to be the same specific design as the runway pieces but if it has a similar style or it is similar in general, that's a good chance that the items would fit into my wardrobe. 

For instance, the red biker jacket that I'm wearing were from Zara and it has the same design elements as a Saint Laurent leather jacket would have. To me, it is a win-win situation for me.

Essentials, essentials, essentials

Malaysian weather has always been summer all year long and most of my clothes revolves around the weather. Yes, I do have some biker jackets and I do get that it is not appropriate to wear it in this weather but I always see the biker jacket as a piece that is useful when the weather gets colder. 

Try making a list of clothes that's appropriate for your weather and use that list to curate the pieces that you need. It doesn't have to be a lot of pieces in one go but once you have the list, you'll know what you need and what you already have too many. It's good to know the existence of your clothes so that it can prevent you from over-purchasing clothes that you already have.

In my wardrobe, I only have two turtlenecks and both of them are in black but different in sizes. I purchased two by mistake - you can avoid this if you make a list - but I still have my essentials and it helps me to plan out what to buy next. 

Making a list of essential pieces that you need is a good step to curate your wardrobe.

Do a closet purge

You do notice that you're not wearing the printed floral shirt you bought from Asos 3 years ago, am I right ? Let me ask you, what is the point of you keeping it until today ? Have you wear them within the past 6 months ? If yes, how many times did you wear them ? If it's otherwise, my advice is for you to let it go. 

I always do a closet purge every time I am on my semester break which is usually twice a year. When I purge, I take out clothes that are not usable or clothes that I didn't wear anymore. For me, I notice that I have a lot of t-shirts hidden in my closet and recently, I purged out a lot of t-shirts because I know I don't wear them anymore. Yes, I still have some t-shirts in my closet but most of them are plain t-shirts - back to my 2nd point, essentials.

When you purge, you'll have 2 chances; one is to find old clothes that you'd still wear but have forgotten about its existence. Two is that you'll find clothes that you wouldn't wear in the future and it is the perfect time to get rid of it. There's nothing in between. 

How about when you find clothes that has a sentimental value ? Well, it's easy for me because for some t-shirts, I still keep them because it was a gift but some of them , I still purged them out because they are too old and doesn't even look good on me.

Do the purge.

Impulsive ? Then NO

Have you ever went into a retail store and saw this beautiful embroidered jacket and you felt like you'd have to have it right now ? I believe you do experience that at least once or sometimes more, am I right ? Well, if you purchased it right away, that's an impulse purchase and it is not good when you are trying to minimise your wardrobe. 

Every time you see something that looks good on a mannequin, sometimes it doesn't look good on you. You always need to try it on before swiping your card at the cashier. Never ever purchase an item without trying it on first because you might regret it later. Like they say, better safe than sorry.

How does impulse purchase affects the goal of curating your wardrobe ? Well it is easy, when you impulse purchase an item, there will be a chance of you not liking the item and at that moment, it is already too late to go back. Your new black biker jacket that you bought on impulse will just add on to your wardrobe and it has already defeats the purpose of curating your wardrobe.

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