Tuesday, 13 March 2018 Ipoh , Malaysia

Combinaison de Couleurs

Photo by Fikri Radzuan

Many does not know that my favourite colour is red. I guess it is quite obvious because I often wear red in real life and my wardrobe used to revolve around that colour even before I started my blog. I remembered back then, my dad gifted me a pair of red sneakers from Puma that I love and wore it till it tear apart. 

That red sneaker was my jam. I wore it to class with the most sloppiest style - you can ask anyone who knew me before I started blogging because I was THAT sloppy. I forgot how I stray away from red, I guess it all started when I've decided to take my style to the next level. 

I started collecting more and more black-based clothing pieces. At that time, I educate myself on colours that gives a psychological effect towards my surrounding. I knew that Black would make myself look slimmer and that was when I started curating my closet.

Somehow, I started coming back to red in early 2016 when I bought my red biker jacket from Zara - which now has torn apart and I decided to buy a new one. If you'd ask me, before I bought that jacket, I would never come close to any colour than Black. I'd never thought that a vibrant colour could make my outfit stand out and stand in at the same time. I believe that when I bought that jacket, that was when I knew my love of red has been revived.

I know I have styled myself with a lot of red lately - which I truly love - but this time, I've decided to take it differently. I am well aware that I'm still in my experimenting phase in which I am loving right now. Experimenting with different style has definitely broaden my view on colours. Not only that, I have began to style myself differently compared to my previous aesthetics.

For this outfit, I have decided to test myself on wearing a flannel under a short-sleeved hoodie and it somehow works. The shadow effect of the flannel makes the outfit much more interesting rather than the basic checkered box flannel that everyone wears. I have always curate my clothes around the Saint Laurent clothing pieces and when I enter the local thrift shop in Ipoh, I saw this flannel and decided to purchase it. 

During the semester break, I rummaged through my closet - which I always do every 6 months as I'd like to renew my closet - and I found an old black jeans. I bought myself a few tubes of crimson acrylic paint and made a DIY onto the jeans. I was trying to incorporate the side stripe trend into my closet and I love the outcome of the jeans.

I was deciding on which shoes to wear and somehow my instincts told me to wear my Valentino sneakers that I bought from Grailed last year. I really love this pair of sneaker as it is a fully leather sneaker and it fits into my wardrobe easily. 

Before I left my house, I wore some of my rings as my accessories.

This outfit totally reflects my love of experimenting colours as it infuses both black and red in one go. There are a lot of colour combinations that exists in the fashion realms and this is one of them. I have seen a lot of other colour combination and I'll try to incorporate it into my wardrobe soon!

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